094 – Surviving The Holidays After A Shift In Beliefs

How to set boundaries with family and friends regarding your life choices and beliefs.

It’s beginning to look a lot like… well, another awkward family gathering where everyone is going to question seemingly everything you’ve ever done. But not to worry! We prepared this episode just for you!

Whether Christmas is one of your favorite times of the year or one of your most dreaded, there’s no denying the fact that sooner or later we will all be faced with the dreaded conversation about our life choices and faith. Some will be accepting and others, well, they might go on a tirade demanding you find your way back to their predetermined belief constructs they have for you. 

Don’t let the holidays get you worked up! Remember your life is yours to live and you do not owe anyone an explanation. Take the high road, stick to your boundaries, and most of all, enjoy those around you. Yes, even the ones that believe different and just don’t get you. 

This week we talked about:

  • holiday stress and anxiety
  • How to respect yourself during the holidays
  • How to respect other people during the holidays
  • How to respect God during the holidays
  • Setting and respecting boundaries with family and friends
  • Every conversation is a chance to learn

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Elaine Johnston 1:23
Hey everyone, welcome to the reckless pursuit. My name is Elaine and my name is Cody and you’re listening to Episode 94.

Cody Johnston 1:29
You ain’t what are we talking about this week?

Elaine Johnston 1:31
Okay, so this week we are talking about self care during the holidays and how to just get through the holiday season

Cody Johnston 1:38
right? I did a video on this on Tick Tock about self care, but I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about. I’ll share a link for that and

Elaine Johnston 1:44
it’s okay I also did a video on Tick Tock on Thanksgiving talking about this so yes,

Cody Johnston 1:49
but yours was more important. Mine was me shoving a tablespoon full of ground Sage into my mouth and then coughing sporadically.

Elaine Johnston 1:56
Yeah, so the point is go follow us on tape talk right?

Cody Johnston 1:58
On Tick Tock. Why And then secondly, if you are, go follow us. Hey, shout out to all our Tick Tock listeners. If you found us through Tick tock, I don’t know, like tag us. I’m going to do a video just for you tick tock listeners, where I’m going to like do a shout out from this episode. And so if you listen to this episode, go find that video or just go tag us in one of our random videos be like, hey, you found your podcast through Tick Tock. And yeah, and then grill us and you know, tell us what we don’t know. Whatever. Just have fun with it. Yeah, we’d love to talk. It’s our new favorite thing ever. So I guess we’re just jumping right into advertisements here. Cool. What else we advertising? Yeah, you got a podcast. I

Elaine Johnston 2:39
actually have a podcast episode coming out this week. Both of our personal shows are on on off a week. And so we kind of

Cody Johnston 2:47
Yep, this is your week. Yeah.

Elaine Johnston 2:50
Yeah, so this week is my week. I’m kind of talking about a similar subject about self care, but it specifically different self care practices you can do which is not what we’re talking about. Today here on this podcast,

Cody Johnston 3:02
what was your episode last week? Mine was about the magic or the wise men or the king the three kings or whatever you want to call them depending on what you’re reading. And it was a very interesting to I really enjoyed it was fun. So if you’ve ever wondered like which one of those names is the proper one if you’ve under Where on earth did they came from? How do they tie in with prophecies and astrology? Hey, there you go. So it was fun episode. So we are into the Christmas season and we’re going to be talking about that very thing. So I think we just get right into this. We’ve already kind of opened up the gate here. We’re going to have fun with it. And yeah, let’s let’s let’s get Jinglun Cassie

Elaine Johnston 3:40
Anglin Jingle Bells Oh, I got some in the kitchen.

Cody Johnston 3:48
Okay, I’m done. So funny thing before we get started because we’re in the Christmas season. A nice little transition everyone just heard. A lot of times when we’re doing solo episodes that intro is just recorded. Live. Back to back with this. So we just quite frankly, stop staring at the camera for a second. Take a deep breath and click the Record button again. And speaking of deep breaths, that’s what so many of us are going to have to do. Before we face our families and friends over the holidays. Maybe some of us already got a taste of that. Come Thanksgiving if you’re in the States. I’m sure there’s been other holidays. Today as we were recording, this is actually the sixth and so it is St. Nicholas damn did an episode on St. Nicholas. Next week, so it is St. Nicholas day so people all around are having feasts all around the world. And so holiday season is in full swing. We got Christmas. Hanukkah nachos. Yeah, we were magically nachos after this. That’s that’s our

Elaine Johnston 4:53
dog. Right,

Cody Johnston 4:54
right. Anyway, so he lamps you know you open this up because this is your heart. here and then I’m going to ramble on like I always do.

Elaine Johnston 5:03
Yeah. So speaking of Thanksgiving, this idea kind of came to my mind as we were getting ready to go see our families, and just kind of figuring out what that looks like. And just this idea popped in my head of like, Christmas is deemed as the most wonderful time of the year and as much as I agree it can also be the most stressful time of the year, you are going to be seeing a lot of family and friends and colleagues and all these work parties and Christmas party parties, holiday party, all this stuff, goal setting it, it can be very messy and very anxiety inducing and especially whenever you are forced, a lot of times you don’t have the choice to go visit family or have family. But a lot of times,

Unknown Speaker 5:46
yes, obligation,

Elaine Johnston 5:47
it’s obligation. And you’ll be sitting at the dinner table and for some of us It can be really awkward, especially when we have family members that we pretty much only see around this time. time of the year or you have family members that you see more often and there’s kind of some tension already aside from the holidays and so you’re sitting around at the dinner table and you have random aunts and uncles and cousins and in laws and whatever

Unknown Speaker 6:18
outlaws outlaws outlaw

Elaine Johnston 6:21
balls and dad was trying to give you unsolicited advice or how many you questioning you about your life choices when you’re going to get married. What your career path Why all this stuff and have

Cody Johnston 6:33
you grown a new arm?

Elaine Johnston 6:35
Yeah, like why haven’t you cut your beard? Like just you know, all these random questions, and it can just be very stressful.

Cody Johnston 6:43
Why don’t you make scissor motions at my beard like that? Don’t threaten me.

Elaine Johnston 6:48
Don’t start me with a good time.

Cody Johnston 6:49
We’re gonna have to or is this gonna apply to us tonight at the dinner table you make congestion? No shows my dude I know she would never do that.

Unknown Speaker 6:57

Elaine Johnston 6:58
judgment that can be very bad. Yeah,

Cody Johnston 7:00
so Okay, just to kind of like try to get a little more serious now we’ve been having way too much fun at the beginning of this episode. Gotta rein it in. Anyway. I think that holiday the holiday season is by far the most stressful time of year for so many of us. It’s not I don’t even have to say, I think that I know that. Like, I know the holiday season is stressful, it can be stressful for me and I actually have pretty like good relationship with most of my family. See, there’s this thing about being a podcast year two, is whenever you quite literally put your business out on the web all the time, especially something like we’re doing like we’re sharing our deepest beliefs, our core principles, you know, we’re not just like, oh, what’s your story? Like, we’re like, Hey, this is how we feel about it. We may not be right, like, I’m not gonna sit here and say like, everything we say is how you need to live your life. But we’re very open about everything faith related. And you know, even over Thanksgiving, we had someone at the table. Mind you like it wasn’t controversial, but they were even like, hey, like You know, what do you think about church? And I’m like, Oh my gosh, you want to talk about that?

Elaine Johnston 8:05
While there’s turkey on the table, right? And

Cody Johnston 8:07
I’m like, and that’s fine. Like, I mean, like, she’s family I love her like I’m happy to talk about church with her but I’m like, I really hope because she there was someone else there present. And I was like, I really don’t want to offend this other woman. She doesn’t know me like that, like that. We don’t have this, you know, this repertoire with each other. And it’s easy for me to say something because I can be a pretty blunt person to like, and so and so can you lane you lanes worse than I am just saying on the subject. I think if I’m more snarky,

Elaine Johnston 8:35
you’re more snarky, and I’m just like, more straight up. Like what are you doing with your life? Right? And you’re just like,

Cody Johnston 8:41
I’m like, yeah, I’m more like the Joker. And I don’t know. You’re like Bane. Is that fair? I don’t know. Sure. We can go with that. Bringing Batman up in here today. Oh. Anyway, so I just didn’t wanna I didn’t want to hurt this. This woman’s feelings like they were asking me about like, what do you say about speaking in tongues anything? About Pentecostalism charismatic and what’s a good church and what’s a bad church? Um, I think like I kind of finally said, it’s like, you know, the difference in a good church and a bad church is different for every person. You know, you may feel completely comfortable in church, you may feel completely comfortable out of church, you may feel more comfortable in this charismatic, you know, flag flailing tongue talking in church, and if you feel comfortable there, and it’s bearing good fruit in you, that’s fantastic. And then there’s a lot of people who need more of the traditional church, you know, the more you know, just kind of more homegrown type church and then a lot of people need more reverence style church, more ceremony more practition and it just depends on your faith walk and that’s okay, where Elaine and I are at right now we learn more through what we’re doing here and are visiting random churches and studying random, you know, like our own Bible studies and having church in our house, literally other people, inviting other people and having church we get more out of that than we do out of Lot of you know church service and that’s great because that’s what’s working for us. But so many times you start saying you start talking face and let’s be honest like faith in politics are way too close to each other right now in like Western culture, right? We have when these things together like the two snakes climbing the pole in the little medical symbol, like they’re like, opposite sides

Unknown Speaker 10:22
of the same, like hate talking about.

Unknown Speaker 10:24
You literally talk about. Okay,

Elaine Johnston 10:27
yeah, there’s Yeah, there’s a difference. Okay.

Cody Johnston 10:30
Well, this you don’t have anyone yelling back out. Yes. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 10:32
politics are legit never talked about. But

Cody Johnston 10:35
anyway. So these things are way too close. And let’s let’s just kind of like kind of narrow down a little bit more here. Were a lot of times we’re sitting at the table and people ask us questions. But a lot of times people ask you questions that are guided questions, right? Because they already know the answer. And they’re just looking to find a rebuttal. And I think that so much of the problem that many of us have who have been Any kind of like reformation of their faith, and have kind of come into more of a spiritual understanding of God, I feel like many times we feel trapped in that. Because we know people are trying to get a rise out of us, or they’re trying to put us in a position where we have to answer something, just to be able to like, kind of, quote, their pre cans, scripture, they come with these notions or these packages to like, try to dismantle our air quotes here argument, right. And this isn’t every family situation. But I think a lot of times, this is what we face around the holidays. And it’s very hard. Because you start talking about anything about politics, you start talking, I mean, even little things like card games, for instance, you know, party games can bring up these political debates and so many times, we are the ones who have to make that decision because let’s be honest, especially like I’m sitting here talking to us, you know, younger generation folk, a lot of times we are the ones that have to hold our tongues. It sucks because like, I understand like everyone has a voice. But because we’re the ones typically going to our parents house we’re going around our people, you know, we have to try to rein back a little about what we feel as in like in our mind trying to keep the peace right only if you ever felt that way lame, but like I felt that way around family, you know, around family dinner table conversation,

Elaine Johnston 12:23
even aside from holidays, honestly.

Cody Johnston 12:25
Yeah. And so how do you navigate through this time with a being yourself because being authentic to yourself is absolutely a priority mind you should never be trampled down. It doesn’t matter who it is in your family or friends or in laws or outlaws. You should never be trampled down. You should never be talked down to you should never be belittle for your beliefs because let’s be honest, it’s all beliefs. Whether you’re left leaning or right leaning, whether you’re conservative Christian or your more ex Van jellicle like it none of that matters because we’re all coming to our understanding of our place in the world. And most of the time, we all want the same thing we all want to try to do good. We’re all trying to better the world in some way. And I know it’s hard for us to see that a lot of times looking, you know, it’s it’s hard when you’re looking someone else’s perspective, perspective is everything. Because let’s be honest, most of us think we’re the ones that got it right. But just realizing everyone has a perspective. So how do you be true to yourself, while also respecting the views of other people, and most importantly, respecting your respecting your relationship with Christ and just your faith healing? What do you think about that?

Elaine Johnston 13:36
I think for one thing, typically, we know those type of relationships we already have before we go sit with them at the dinner table for Christmas or Thanksgiving. And so I think that there are practices you can do before the holidays ever hit before you ever have people over before you ever go visit family. I think there are certain practices You can maintain of like, okay, so I know this topic is going to be talked about I’m a, leave the event before things get crazy. Or hey, this is a no subject like i, this is a boundary for me. And to respect yourself and the other person, you can politely say, Hey, I don’t want to talk about that. And that’s completely fine.

Cody Johnston 14:22
And I want to I want to kind of poke on that a little more today that’s huge, actually, is sometimes you have to know when to hold your tongue. Sometimes someone’s going to make a comment. And if you made a scene out of every single comment made, especially out of people who are more vocal, and we all can think of that person in our head, like, oh, they’re the vocal one, they’re looking to start a fight. You know what I mean? Like, for lack of better word, okay, maybe not a literal fight, but they’re looking to get a rise out of people. They want to talk about it because they’re passionate about it, because they watch the news networks or they read this and they’ve read that and they want to talk about it, right? I mean, I get that I’m a five on the enneagram I love knowledge. I love spewing out knowledge. But to be able to say like for one to be able to hold your tongue and just say like, I’m not going to respond to that, but then if they keep on if they’re intentionally seeking that out or if there’s something that keeps on or if your opinion is asked, hey, it’s completely okay to give it and be it’s okay to not go into detail. You don’t have to defend yourself. No one is sitting here like you’re not on a judging jury. You’re not in like before God and some heavenly counsel, there’s no reason you have to try to defend your your faith, your political stances, your life decisions, your business decisions, your personal relationship decisions, none of that stuff is something you have to defend because it’s no one else’s business, mind you, that’s between you and the Lord and I know people can get all up in arms will your spiritual authority you have to listen Okay, listen, I’m not sitting here saying if you’re going out and like herding puppies, I’m saying like if you are a person who is doing what you feel in your heart is what God has put you on the path to do like you are living to the standard that you feel God is holding you to. That’s your walk with Him. And let’s be honest there’s only two major commandments in the Bible and even Jesus says if you follow both of those you follow them all love God love people. Well the way I love people in the way someone else loves people is going to look different. The way I follow God and the way someone else follows God is going to look different and I understand their these principle things I’m not I mean, you’ve heard me say this before, if you’re listening to the show at all, I’m not saying throw everything out. I’m actually saying that within that structure, if you look at a home and I think I’ve used this analogy to but it’s worth repeating. If you tore every piece of drywall and paint and ceiling and light fixtures, everything out of a home they all look pretty similar they all are made by you know, for the most part are made by two by fours and, and nails and screws. You know what I mean? But whenever you start decorating them on the inside, they all are different and that’s the beauty of our unique expression. That’s the beauty of what God is Each of us, and all of that to say, whenever we’re able to just look at someone and do that very same thing was what Elaine says like, hey, like, I understand you feel that way. This is a boundary for me. I prefer not talk about it. And then if someone doesn’t respect that, that’s on them. Because nowhere even if they say, Well, why why are you not want to talk about it? I mean, it’s as simple as saying, it’s just not something I feel comfortable discussing right now. It’s as simple as saying, I don’t feel like that’s appropriate banter for the table right now. I mean, any little thing you want to say, and if they want to keep trying to get a rise out of that, you can leave, you can leave.

Elaine Johnston 17:36
If it’s your house,

Cody Johnston 17:37
I mean, that’s literally I mean, they’re, they’re in the raw, there’s no other way to say that they are in the wrong, that is not the time, not the place. And if anyone has a boundary, that’s not theirs to cross,

Elaine Johnston 17:51
and even vice versa, if you’re talking with somebody else, and a family member is like, Hey, I don’t want to talk about that like, like you should respect that as well

Cody Johnston 17:59
as That’s another thing I wanted to get into is just, that’s the second part of that is like remembering how to respect other people, right? So you have the boundaries, right being able to set boundaries, knowing when, what to say. And just kind of like to backtrack a little bit. It’s like the respecting of the self knowing when to set boundaries, knowing when to be able to say certain things, knowing how to be able to say certain things, and then knowing when not to say certain things and say, Hey, I don’t think we should talk about that anymore. This conversation is getting a bit out of hand. And I don’t want to cause any, you know, it’ll feeling like let’s just agree to disagree on this. Or even like, maybe we can talk about this some other time over coffee, anything else, just you. I mean, I trust you guys to fill that situation out and just trust that voice in you. You know, this Holy Spirit talks through us So, but going into what Elaine was saying, respecting others, and that’s a hard one and that’s a hard one for me. It’s hard for me because I’m that person where I being right isn’t the right word. I want people to understand my perspective. It breaks me like like nothing thing else when someone can’t get it through their head the way I see it. And now Elaine, I know you can speak to this on a whole other level because you’re more emotional base, you know, you’re four in the interim, you’re more emotional. So go ahead and speak to that a little bit.

Elaine Johnston 19:12
Yes. Well, I was just gonna say that there’s, you have to know the context of the relationship that you’re in. If somebody is constantly asking the these questions, then you know, that that’s the type of person that they are, whatever that relationship it is, if you’ve been in that relationship, whether it’s a parent or a family, friend, or whatever, there’s some time, that some length of time that you’ve been in a relationship or been around that person. And so sometimes we would just genuinely want to know about your life because they care about you. And it’s not a judgmental of like, why are you doing this? Or why are you doing it? It’s like, oh, why are you doing that? Like, that’s fascinating. That’s interesting. And you can pick up on body language you can pick up on understanding the dynamic of the relationship. Maybe you get with your cousins, and it’s fun to argue with each other. It’s fun to go back and forth. But you know that there’s a level of respect, you know that when it comes to the end of the day, you love each other despite your differences. And sometimes it’s okay to be challenged, like, even ourselves, like, it’s okay to be challenged, but you have to understand when it’s a growth challenge, and when it’s just somebody trying to tear you down or rip you apart. And you can feel out that relationship.

Cody Johnston 20:26
Well, and every situation is a learning situation, every moment is a chance to learn whether that be, you know, a good conversation or a bad conversation. There’s still something to learn there. And I think that’s a good mental check is like, what can I learn out of this situation? Maybe it’s, hey, I shouldn’t talk to Uncle, you know, Uncle Steve like that or whatever. I don’t actually have an Uncle Steve. So not not mention anybody here but, but it’s like, you get what I’m saying. Like it’s, it may be something as simple as that of like, oh, maybe I should veer away from talking about the 2020 election or 2024 election or 2028, or whatever year you’re listening to this, maybe I should be away from talking about that with so and so because we have differing views, but it’s okay to go and say like, maybe I can try to explain my side of things a little bit like, Oh, well, wouldn’t it be nice if we did things this way? Maybe that’s completely off limits? Who knows? Or maybe it’s simply taking the high road. And that’s the other thing I want to say is, remember to take the high road, and I don’t mean the high road as in like, haha, I’m better than you see, I’m not going to all this over your head. What I mean is take those side of things where it’s like, you know, what I understand, I understand that you have that perspective. And I respect your opinion and try to find common ground. It’s kind of like let’s just, you know, talk about a big one here, gun control. You look at the left and you look at the right, and they have very different views of gun control. One side says, I’m talking extremists here, okay. I understand that neither side in most people’s heads are actually either of These people, but extreme sides and media pushes this side of it right here. Now I sound like a libertarian. What were the media? No, but anyway, so you have like the extreme left. And I say, like, extreme left, like the part that no one really is. But everyone paints the picture of them is like every gun needs to get taken and burn down and melted and turned into a monument for I don’t know, you know, and then you have the extreme right, which like hardly anybody is once again, but they’re painted this way is like, we need more guns. Every teacher and child needs to have a gun and you start teaching them how to shoot things at two years old and like you have both of these extremes. Where’s the common ground on that? Okay, there’s some kind of middle ground here when you get rid of both of the polarities and come to the middle. Both people want to see less gun violence. I know that if you’re on the left looking right, you’re like how can more gun stop gun violence and if you’re on the right looking left, you’re like, how can not having guns protect us from gun violence? You understand what I’m saying? Here, there’s a common ground in the middle of, Hey, we all want to stop gun violence. And that’s something we could should all agree on. You don’t agree on that? I don’t. I don’t know what just Well, I’m not sure.

Elaine Johnston 23:16
I don’t remember where I read this in a book. And I may have mentioned this on the podcast before, but it’s hard to hate somebody up close, right. It’s hard whenever, like, it’s easy online to bicker and banter about whatever topic on either side. But whenever you’re like face to face, you’re like, Oh, I see the emotion. I see the passion. I see the body language, I see the discomfort. I see. You know, like the passionate conversation at hand and everything. And it’s just, it’s it’s hard to judge that person. When you find those commonalities. Whenever you see their perspective. You’re like, Oh, so they have heart behind this. I understand their reasoning. I may not agree with their methods. But I understand the reasoning and that that’s why we can say at the end of the day, hey, we love each other.

Cody Johnston 24:05
Yeah, and that goes into the final point. But just before we get into that, like, another common ground here with like spirituality because a lot of people, a lot of us, you know, who who are part of this community are people who have been through a major shift in their view of religion and their their relationship with Christ. And so that’s a daunting thing in and of itself. Many of us come from more evangelical upbringings and then we’re having to face I know, this is what I get a lot, you know, from many people, not just family, but family, friends, everything across the board, like I’ve received plenty. You guys I’m sure can imagine like when you start voice in it, you’re going to get some backlash. You probably ventured in those waters a little bit yourselves, right? Maybe a lot of bit depending on who you are there. And it’s one of those things where I can still find common ground with people who believe a more law and anger God than I do, and I don’t understand why, in my mind, I have a hard time understanding why they want that. But at the same time, there was a time I believe that way too. And it’s important for me to remember that and to remember where I’ve come from and to remember that, just because where I am right now, that doesn’t mean they’re on the same place. Now, there’s some very hurtful things. There’s a lot of like, law and all that associated with that. And like we’ve talked, we have a whole backlog of episodes, like pretty much every episode. This is, you know, that’s literally the whole premise of this show. But it’s important to remember that if that person is spiritually growing, and it’s bearing good fruit, while Sure there may be better soil, it’s not your job to uproot them just as much as it’s not their job to uproot you and that’s not what you would want. So what’s the common ground? Well, we love Christ and we love people. And that’s common ground right there. And then it’s as simple as like, Well, how do you love people? Oh, well, I really I want to save them so they don’t go to hell. Oh, okay. I really Want to show them they have a great life here and that like they can have an authentic relationship with God. It doesn’t have to be condescending. And she’s showing them an alternate perspective and who knows what kind of seed that’s planting and then as well, and it just goes to show how you can shift almost any conversation, if not all conversations into a learning experience for both parties. And it still be a civil conversation, even if you leave, and you’re even more for your own opinion than you were before. You can still leave the conversation and and respect that person even more for one having the braveness and boldness for even going out on a limb and explaining their opinions, even if they’re the only one thinking or feeling those things and having those experiences and just loving that person. And I actually posted something the other day on Facebook. Like I said, I’ve been thinking about all of this stuff since the holidays around and it just comes to this. Everyone is on a spiritual journey. We can’t expect to know where every every other person is just as much as they can expect where we are. But we should respect every step of the way of where we are and where other people are. And that all just kind of ties into this last point, just to kind of wrap this whole thing together pretty quickly here is, you know, we talked about how to respect yourselves. We’ve talked about how to respect others. So how do you respect God? And it just goes back to what you were saying just now and what you said just a second ago of, you can’t hate someone up close our last episode, and if you haven’t listened to it, I really encourage you to go back and listen to this is really what God’s been dealing with me. But long story short, every person has God in them, whether they realize it or not, they have the breath of life in they are capable of unlocking that God in them. And it’s freely given, right. That’s the whole premise of the gospel. It’s freely given. And just kind of like a back bit of what I was talking about in that previous episode when we were discussing, you know, I spent my whole life trying to pray the right way trying to fast the right way. Trying to beg God and trying to serve and trying to do all these things to conjure up a new version of God or a new revelation of God. And I felt like I heard God say, you know, if you want to see me, where do I dwell, I dwell in the temple and who’s the templates, it’s people, if you want to see God, look in the eyes of people, and there may be layers, there may be filters, there may be boundaries that are put up, there may be all these walls people have built. But if you look past that, to that glimmer down and then there’s God. And whenever you realize that every person’s eyes you look into from the worst, and air quotes here godless of them to the best and most holy of you know, once again, air quotes, saints, there’s God and every single one of those people and that helps you when you realize that it’s so much easier. Love God and love people. Those are the two main commandments where you can’t love God without loving people first. And whenever you just realize that like you’re showing the love of Christ by loving those around you and like despite your differences, this spite, even their name calling or anger or resentment or snide comments or whatever it is, they still have that flicker of God in them and you can help draw that out and your actions or your inactions all attribute to that.

Elaine Johnston 29:16
I was just gonna say that reminds me of how like when people say that they want God to be the center of everything, and not in a religious way. But whenever you really gotta get down to loving people and loving God and keeping God at the center of that grace and keeping people at the center of that too. Yeah,

Cody Johnston 29:30
absolutely. Tell us what you think. Hit us up over in nomads a safe community for Christians to ask unsafe questions. We would love to have you a part. There’s a lot of big things coming for nomads in 2020. So hop on over there and be on the ground level of something of a lot of changes and a lot of cool stuff we’re bringing in there and we honestly want to hear your thoughts on this. We want to hear what is your what experiences have you had, you know, that’s a safe place where You can go and honestly share that’s a no judgment zone I want to we want to hear where have you reacted overreacted under reacted? Any kind of story you need to vent you need to talk to you to ask questions. There’s some amazing people over and nomads people that I pulled from regularly, people I look up to, and I just I love everything that that group has to say, guys, we are always open to conversation feel free to reach out to us on our email from our website. Literally anywhere you want to all of our social you can find everything we got going on over at the reckless pursuit.com all one word, the reckless pursuit.com and of course Elaine’s episode coming out on the prodigal daughter you can find that in the show notes below links to that and in on our website as well. And so if you’re having any key tips to this you want a little bit more of especially if you’re a girl, but I think this is probably gonna apply to pretty much everyone. You should go check that out. And then of course also, if you’re interested In any Christmas history on either St. Nick, coming up this next week, or on the magia, head over to iTunes podcast.com. Once again, you can find all of that on our website. Let us know Don’t forget to send us a message and we will read every one of those and I look forward to having great conversation. And as always, be brave, be bold and be reckless.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
We’ll talk soon

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