You Can Sit At Our Table

We have a table big enough waiting for you.

Let’s face it.

There are times where we feel alone in our thoughts. There are times where we feel like we’re the only ones who feel a certain way or that we don’t feel valued.

The truth is, we are all hurting people to some degree. We all have times in our lives where we feel alone in our thoughts and feelings. Life can be hard and messy.

But we’re here to tell you that you are welcome here. You can sit at our table. There is more than enough room for you to drop your baggage and commune with others. You are invited to share your struggles and pain points with the rest of us. We want to invite you to share your life with us as we share our lives with you.

The thing is, the conversation doesn’t stop after we’ve unloaded our baggage. Though, that’s where the best conversations often begin. No, true healing happens when we allow ourselves to unpack the trauma and heartbreak and rise together.

The premise for The Reckless Pursuit is to continue the conversations even when they get heavy. But also, to share in the healing and beauty of what it truly looks like to build a strong community. While some want answers, others just want to be heard. Sometimes it’s simply about sitting in silence with someone who gets it. We don’t always need someone to tell us the answers. Sometimes we just want to grab a coffee or tea and enjoy each other’s company. 

So if you’re looking for that community, if you’re looking for a seat at the table, here is your open invite. You can sit at our table. Because there is no “us vs. them”; there is only us.

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