089 – God IS Energy

Everything is energy; even God! And our minds have the ability to match His rhythm.

Have you ever wondered what God is? How is He omnipresent? What makes up the spiritual world? While we are at it, what about reincarnation? Is that in the Bible?

Everything around us is moving to some degree and movement is energy. So if God is moving on the earth than He must be a form of energy too! This week we talk about how to identify and get on God’s wavelength, how getting in sync with God is a lot like reincarnation, and how we can inherit certain mentalities (aka vibrations) from our ancestors. 

Nothing but good vibes up in here! Oh, and if that offends you then maybe this episode is for you after all.

This week we talked about:

  • Reincarnation
  • God as energy
  • Spirituality as energy
  • God’s omnipresence
  • Generational curses and the passing down of Spiritual mantles

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Cody Johnston 1:21
Hey everyone, you’re listening to the reckless pursuit. My name is Cody and my name is Elaine and this is episode 89. And today we are transitioning we’re no longer in Halloween mode. So thank you guys for sticking around through all of that spooky season is over and now it’s a candy canes snowflake.

Elaine Johnston 1:40
Christmas season.

Cody Johnston 1:41
Yes, unless you live in the USA like we do. And then it’s kind of a war between turkey season and Christmas season but I’m on board with Christmas because turkey decorations for Thanksgiving are kind of lame.

Elaine Johnston 1:55
Well and I don’t understand why you can’t have Christmas decorations and eat turkey.

Cody Johnston 2:00
Turkey on Christmas. So

Elaine Johnston 2:01
we normally ate turkey for Thanksgiving that had ham on Christmas.

Cody Johnston 2:05
We always had both on both. So it was basically like the same meal duplicated. Okay, honestly. So anyway, that’s completely beside the point. How can we transition that? In related news? We’re talking about energy today. What? Okay, that that has nothing to do with that. I guess like Christmas vibes, right? We’re talking about vibes today. We’re talking about a little bit about reincarnation today. And really, we’re having a light hearted episode just around these two topics, we say that it’ll probably get really intense knowing you and I, but really fast, it’s gonna be a fun one. And so if you’ve ever wondered to yourself, like, what is God what is you know, the presence of God, you know, where does energy come back what happens, you know, energy and magnetism and all these other weird terminologies and New Age terminology and we’re going to touch on a little bit about all of that and kind of put it into personal perspective. But before we get into that, I want to make a couple of quick announcements like we always so frankly, try to do if you have not joined nomads, why have you not joined nomads seriously, it’s a great place for Christians come together and ask unsafe questions. It’s a safe place for conversations to happen and just to be able to come together and realize that we’re not alone in our questions and our questions aren’t bad. You can find a link to that in the show notes below. And a couple of quick plugs we just got through October which means I 10 or inch my other podcast was in full swing. I will have another episode coming up this week and I had two episodes back to back weekly. It’s normally bi weekly. But there was a bonus episode on Halloween day as well because Halloween was on a Thursday. So if you want to go get caught up maybe you’ve ever wondered about how Belshazzar died after seeing the discombobulated hand writing stuff on the wall. We talked a little bit about that and some of the myths behind that in the lead. behind that, and then also the week before we talked about witches and that was fun witchcraft in the Bible. It was a great episode probably one of my favorite episodes I’ve ever done on itinerary thus far. And in even bigger news, then all the little petty stuff I got going on. Elaine, you have a new show coming out you care to share a little bit about your show.

Elaine Johnston 4:22
Yeah. So and I think two weeks by the time this comes out, I am launching my show the prodigal daughter and if you’ve been following us or have been following me event, you know that I have a blog at the prodigal daughter.com. And so originally it was just going to be like I was going to have a show and kind of just talk about my blog post but I’ve just really kind of rediscovered what the particle daughter means to me and what God is speaking through that. So if you’re into mindset, Okay, first let me preface if you’re a woman, and you’re into mindset practices, meditation, calling into the unit What you want to get out of life living the best life you can living your best life? Hashtag Yeah. And then that is what I will be talking about. I’ll be talking about how to have intentional thought life and how to incorporate healthy happens to your daily routine. And so in two weeks that launches,

Cody Johnston 5:18
so yeah, you can go ahead and reserve that on iTunes and Spotify and all that it should be ready to be reserved this week. So remind me, Elaine to post that in the morning so people can go and find that if not, you can go to the protocol daughter calm and get on the mailing list for that and you can just kind of follow along there and we will be posting links to that as it starts to unfold. Our

Elaine Johnston 5:41
trailer is already out too. So you can find that trailer and yes,

Cody Johnston 5:45
it’s it’s out there. So anyway, other than that, we have anything else right this second. No, I think that’s all of our, our, our announcements so we can get into today’s episode, which is funny because I feel like it’s actually a pretty good precursor to Your show that is coming out. So let’s get right to today’s episode talking about energy, reincarnation and manifestation. sure we’ll use that word. So, Elaine, we were reading you’re gonna hear me turning Bible pages getting heard that in a little while? I don’t think so you. You were talking to me earlier about a verse we had read. And I want to find it real quick because it brought up an interesting point. And it’s really going to be the premise for this whole conversation. And it was talking about john the baptist. Yeah. And so in Matthew chapter 11, verses 13 through 15. I’m going to read it real quick for all the prophets and the law prophesied until john and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come, he who has ears, let him hear. So interesting little thought there and whenever you read it in context right there, you can kind of see probably where We’re going something that Christians are often very scared to talk about is the idea of some form of reincarnation. I want to go ahead and preface this I’m not talking about the view of reincarnation where when you die based on your works or your deeds, you come back as a plant or as an animal or as a human or an Ascended being, I’m talking about specifically, the idea that there is some form of lineage in the spirit or spiritual ancestry, that we come back into this world. And that poses a whole ton of views and everything here we’re about to talk about, for the most part is speculative. So if you have opinions on this alternate views, please feel free to shoot us an email mail at the reckless pursuit calm or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram or especially in nomads, if you’re a part of nomads to all of our nomads are nomads Pete’s work, you know, let us know what you think about this. But it’s an interesting perspective to think if you’re ready, and if you’re willing Except this Elijah is actually a reincarnation of john. Now there’s a couple of perspectives, I just want to kind of throw on the table before we even get into this. A, it could be talking about a literal reincarnation that john the baptist was literally Elijah. You know, pretty much reincarnated. And then you can look at it as Oh, well, Elijah was taken to heaven. So maybe he never actually died. So it’s not reincarnation, it’s just literally Elijah. Well, it would be almost like a gap theory, right? Because Elijah was taken to heaven and a chariot of fire. And then there’s another theory that Eliza was abducted by aliens.

Elaine Johnston 8:39
That’s not heard that that’s

Cody Johnston 8:40
a legitimate theory. People. I think there’s a book called, wow, I think there’s a book called The Bible code. And it talks about how Elijah was taken into heaven by an

Unknown Speaker 8:49
angel that you need in your life.

Cody Johnston 8:52
I was great. It was a great book. It’s the Bible code read between the lines is the name of it. So if anyone’s out there, actually think that’s it. The second the Bible code there’s two. I think there’s two of those. I don’t know if that’s a legitimate source for your information but I don’t we’re not talking about Bibles and UFO this right now are we will save that for next hell. Anyway. So it’s just an interesting thought to think that hey, Elijah could have very well been reincarnated into john the baptist. And it even says that Jesus is like if you’re willing to accept that as insane like there’s a group of people who are not going to be on board with that idea. So that got me thinking about reincarnation and the whole scientifically speaking when you die, you are reincarnated in some form or another because you’re going to become, at least on your body, your body’s your biological level, you’re on a biological level, you’re going to be reincarnated because when you die We are made of my favorite way to say it is you are what your mother ate. And so you are a composite being made of, you know, fats and, and red blood cells. And proteins and sugars and like that’s what we’re made of right? We’re made of organic matter, at least the shells that we inhabit our spirit and habits are made with organic matter. And when they die, they’re going to go into the dirt. And depending on if you’re cremated you’re gonna get there a little bit faster if you are put in a concrete vault which I just I just want to kind of preface this here is completely superfluous. But the idea being put in a concrete vault freaks me the heck out I just soon know that I’m good dead like you agree, baby. I don’t care. I know that’s a good some people’s religion. I don’t get it because that’s what you’re going to do in the earth one way or another. Even if it takes, you know, a year or a day or 10,000 years, you’re going back to dirt. And so I yeah, that creeps me out anyway. And so you kind of go into the earth, you are consumed by worms and you become a part of that worm. You know, like it breaks you down and turns into proteins to support the worms and then it turns into proteins to support the grass growing on top of the graves and etcetera, etcetera until some cow or a bird or something comes by and eats the seeds off the plants or comes by and eats the grass like a deer and then you become part of the deer and then you go back in some hunter kills the deer and then someone eats the deer and so you become someone else. I don’t know, I don’t know about you got I’m saying it’s more but I know, on a biological level, you are reincarnated, but what about your spirit? And this can go into a whole lot of different ways. We’re not trying to get to today. But the general idea is a good one. This is a whole other conversation we’re planning on having around hell, we’re planning on doing a whole other episode on that. And the idea that Earth is actually purgatory, if that’s a thing, and kind of some views of that, and if there’s such thing as a purgatory, or we’re already in purgatory, etc, etc, etc. But all of that is besides the point for this conversation specifically, what interests me is that in some form or fashion, does our soul have a lineage? What is the spiritual world And before I kind of rant and rave anymore, Elaine, I’m gonna give you a chance you have anything you want to share about this because I can go on forever because I love the bridge between science and spirit. So what do you have to say about all this?

Elaine Johnston 12:12
Just something that I’ve kind of been thinking a lot about lately is just the idea of energy and spirit. And a couple of weekends ago, I was talking with some friends about our ghost row you know, we were getting ready for Halloween we were talking about is our ghost real? And we kind of came to the conclusion at least the general conversation led to ghosts or spirits. And so what does that mean? Do we have spirits roaming the earth? Well, if there’s energy, you know, you have good spirits, you have bad spirits, you have good energy or bad energy. You have good Juju, bad vibes, like all of those things, you know, all those new agey hippie whoo words. But whenever you actually like sit down to think of it like I know we had talked about previously about how I used to, you know, I went through a phase where I was I need prayers and good vibes. And I was like, okay, that’s stupid. Like, there’s no such thing as good vibes, like how are you going to think me healthier? How are you gonna think good thoughts and I’m going to receive them. I only accept prayer. And then I was like, Okay, well, you know, I’m open, like, if you want to send me good anything, I will receive that. And you know it we even talked about previously about how, you know, I would be offended when other people of other religions like didn’t want prayer. And I’m like, Well, if it’s good, why wouldn’t want that. And then I kind of had to take a step back and was like, Oh, well, if somebody was praying over me, or sending me good thoughts or good vibes, and they weren’t a Christian, they were some other faith or religion would I be accepting of that? And so to me, to sum all that up, I believe that there is energy I believe that there are I guess you could call it vibes, you know, you can walk into a room and you can feel out okay, was this you know, there is there a good presence to this room are there are the people in this room, you know, joyous and happy and Fun or is there? You know, a sadness, a depressive spirit about this room? Is there you know, depression do you feel, you know, are you not happy in a certain place and you know, I feel like a lot of times as morbid as it sounds, you know, cemeteries or funeral homes often have, you know, a negative energy about it, but typically or at least should, you know, Sunday morning she would have church, you should have a joyous spirit you should have, you know, the the vibes, the energy of the room should be uplifting and positive and encouraging, like Kayla, you know, but

Cody Johnston 14:33
christian songs are not positive or encouraged. You

Elaine Johnston 14:35
know, I’m saying like, you know, you know what I mean, like, you can obviously I believe in energy, because there is energy, it’s all around us. You know, like I said, like, you can go into a room, you can go to a certain place and you’re like, you know, I’m feeling this out, and I don’t feel good about this place, or actually, you know, I want to stay here and this presence, and then the whole aspect of God’s presence, either you’re stepping stepping into God’s presence, or God’s Stepping into your presence however you want to word that but either way about it you know you like Christians want to be in the presence of God because that’s where you have the good energy the good vibes

Cody Johnston 15:12
sure and I know that’s like a super big thing that like Christians get caught on like oh that’s bad bad but well okay, everything is vibration that is science. You can’t deny that on a molecular level everything is moving constantly you are vibrating at a frequency. That is why music makes us feel a certain way that is why if you hit a string on a guitar which like there’s six of them hanging on my wall right no more than that. Anyway,

Unknown Speaker 15:36
what color yeah

Cody Johnston 15:37
color has vibration is literally light which is light is a form of wave length that reacts off of a surface to produce a certain color color is completely perceived. It’s not even real. It is just the way our eyes perceive their colors we can’t even see because they’re above the wavelengths our eyes can interpret but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Elaine Johnston 15:56
You have was sent Asia where like you see color The aura of right because your

Cody Johnston 16:01
brain can literally that’s a legitimate thing that people can do. And

Elaine Johnston 16:06
if you can see color, then you can see their vibration, you can see that energy.

Cody Johnston 16:10
And there are people who, you know, have it, I think it’s the same thing you said where like people can see sounds right, where, you know, you can hear in like music portrays is a color Kanye West claims he has that. So, you know, like that that’s a legitimate thing. People have this. And then, you know, certain hallucinogens actually create the same thing. It changes the brain on a molecular level, it should be able to allow the same time not promoting. I’m just saying like it’s a legitimate, scientific, it’s a real thing. You can’t get away from that. And so that being said, you start looking at what what is God? What is all of this around us? Well, God is a form of energy energy is omnipresent. It’s everywhere light is omnipresent. It’s everywhere. There’s some form of energy vibrating all around us. And I believe God is that vibration on a molecular all the way up to like a quantum level right like That is God. And my kind of belief to this, you know, I’ve said it before, like, we’re a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. The spiritual is that side we can’t necessarily see but we can feel, how do you feel something? Well, it has to have a feeling it has to have a wavelength. And whenever you get on God’s wavelength, that’s whenever, you know, miracles and just this the mindset changes and all this begin to happen on a spiritual level. The spirit is literally its own wavelength. And just to kind of back that up a little bit, you look at Oh, well before radiation was known to be radiation. We just knew there were certain minerals that killed people. We didn’t understand why it was deemed as magic or otherworldly until we you know, until the Geiger counter was invented where we could measure radiation. Same thing with lumen, measurement tools like to measure like candle power, temperature, PHB field all of these different things. You know, decibel readers all of these different lines literally what I’m watching on the screen click right now the decibel reader can measure the volume intensity. The same thing could be said about you, you know UV and UVA and UVB light, you know, we can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. And I think that’s a good reason to kind of sum that in is like, hey, God is everywhere, but its energy. And we can create wavelengths, our thought patterns are literally little firing neutrons, little lightning bolts going off in our brain, little sparks of energy, that kind of synchronize with other parts of our bodies, to create movement to create sound, create rhythm, and that also, you know, the same reason like we can get tense, tension and actually manifest problems in our body. I’m not saying all disease and stuff for that but in one way or another, it’s a biological misfire, some of them are mental, some of them, most of them are not I understand that. But, you know, you can actually cause yourself to become sick or cause yourself create tension in your back and in your neck and in all these other places in your body based on the thoughts you create, because those thoughts have a certain wavelength, and the further you get away from calm the further you get away from these positive emotions into stressed, negative, tired. And when I say tired, I mean like worn down, tired, you know, anxious, all of these other thought patterns, create problems, because they’re vibrating at an improper balance to your body’s rhythm. It’s rhythmic cycles. This isn’t like creepy. This isn’t I mean, it’s so many of you will debate is like, Oh, this is new age. You can’t practice this in Christianity, but it’s not it’s science. And I believe God is that energy and when we can synchronize up with him. That’s really where it starts to like the magic starts to happen. Like you begin to unlock a new side of you and going on from chapter 12 and Matthew going or excuse me, 11 through 12. And going into chapter 13 is talking about the parable of the sower. Jesus is talking about how the different seeds scattered in different soils, right? And how one of them produces the birds come and eat then the next one, you know, they grow, but they don’t have roots. The next one, they’re choked out amongst the thorns, and you have the ones that bring life. Well, I always viewed that as people, right? Oh, it’s like, oh, you have the seeds, oh, you have good seeds, you have bad seeds. And at the end of the day, like, the good ones are going to grow and the bad ones are going to get choked up or they’re going to have shallow faith. But it’s not about people. It’s about thoughts when you start looking at it. And just kind of reading a little bit here I’m in chapter 13, verses out of starting like 19 and this is Matthew. And it says when anyone hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand what does understand it’s a mental state. Understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what has been sown in his heart. This is what was sown along the path. As for what was sown on rocky ground, this is the one who hears the word and immediately receives it with joy yet he has not written rooted in himself. Interesting point there. And I highlighted that today. Literally, you have to have self understanding. You have to have roots in yourself. Before you can have roots in God. You have to understand who you are to understand who you are in Christ. And I don’t know I just I really liked that. And then it says, but endures for a while, and when tribulation or persecution arises on account of the word immediately he falls away. As for what was sown among the thorns, this is the one who hears the word, but the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and it proves unfruitful. As for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it. He bears fruit meals, in one case, 100 fold in another 16, another 30. So it’s talking about the fruition of your thoughts of your thought life. Jesus isn’t saying, oh, that person over there rotted away because he was buried. It’s literally saying you’re the soil in this instance, you are not the seeds, you are the soil, taking in the good things, all of the good things and this kind of goes back to energy right. You are soil and You are taking in sometimes our soil has shallow depth to it because we don’t understand ourselves well enough. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s too hard and it can’t you know seed can’t take root sometimes thorns have grown up chafe has grown up and we have literally like we’re kind of limited it’s a mixed bag and the good doesn’t have room to grow but we clear the ground we tell the soil it gives room for good and positive things to grow. And then it goes on to talk about the parable the weeds and we all know this one Well Jesus, you know, you have deceit who plants weeds amongst the wheat and then at the end of days both or harvest it I always thought of this is like End of Days Oh, we’re going to get the good one I’m a good branch of wheat. But to me after reading and realizing these stories are parallel to each other right these are parable said right back to back here and it says, a man who sow good seed in his field while men were sleeping his enemy came and so weeds among the wheat and went away. So when the plants came up and board grain, the weeds appeared also the servants of the master, you know, said Basically just kind of paraphrasing, like, what why would we do this, we need to go pluck the weeds. If you do that you’re going to tear up the grain. When you start looking at this as energy when you start looking at this as thoughts, what it’s literally saying is we take so much time trying to rip out the bad thoughts. But what does that do? It changes our mindset where we’re focused on the bad thoughts and it kills the good thoughts too. Sometimes you just have to nurture the good and let the bad die off on its own. And all of this just trying to tie this back together with energy and stuff here. It just it reminds me so much that everything is about the mind and our mindset is what determines, you know, that’s what being born again is right? It is. It is a renewing of the mind. We’re born of nature, and then we’re born of the Spirit, the Spirit is in the mind and essence. And the mind is ultimately the tool we use to pursue Christ. What do you have to say about it?

Elaine Johnston 23:52
So my podcast that’s coming out the particle daughter, the three main things that I am going to be talking about is mindset meditation, and my manifestation. So with that I’m a huge believer and all three of those things. And specifically with mindset, there’s a lot of self awareness that you have to have with that and self awareness of you know who you are in Christ, who you are, you know by yourself and how you see yourself and your relationships and all of that stuff who you see God all of it, you know, there’s so, so many layers to self awareness and mindset. And then for me, you know, the meditation thing is focusing on that good energy focusing on you know, a healthy mindset focusing on who God is focusing on, you know, producing good fruit and good wheat. And in the manifestation is literally bring that into fruition, speaking life into those things that you want to create and do and be and allowing God to speak life into you. And so you become, you know, the good fruit you become the good week, the good soil, and that you produce the life and all things you produce live in yourself. You produce life, and The relationships that you have, whether it’s your spouse, or you know, your family or your friends, your co workers, strangers on the street, it all ties together, you have your self awareness, you have what you’re focusing on, you have what you’re speaking into speaking life into. And that’s where that energy comes from, you know, if you have good energy within yourself, of course, you’re going to produce that if you have, you know, a negative mindset or, you know, buzzword, self limiting beliefs and stuff like that, of course, you’re not going to bear the fruit that you want, if any fruit at all. And I just think that there’s so much to that there’s so many different levels and layers. And it’s so intricate and complex, but it’s also really beautiful whenever you truly understand what energy, what spirit, what all of that is, what that source is and where it comes from.

Cody Johnston 25:54
Yeah, and just to kind of tie it back together with the verse we started with, with like, Jesus says, you know, this Is Elijah if you’re ready to hear it, I don’t know where I stand on the idea of reincarnation, right? I don’t know where I stand on some of those ideas. It’s not something that of course we actively teach. It’s not something we talked about. But what is interesting to me is the idea of being in harmony with another human being. And one perspective like I said, this is speculative. It’s open for interpretation here like we want to hear other people’s interpretations to this is just us trying to read things from a new lens. To me, one of the thoughts that kind of comes up is well what if that means that john the baptist is literally on the same wavelength with the spirit of a lie just so much so that it’s almost in perceived bubble, which is what you know, once Christ died, ultimately, that’s our intent right to be like Christ. Christian means mini Christ as in like miniature Christ’s, multiply it out. And so we are, in essence trying to get on the same wavelength as God. What does that mean? What means and this is where a lot of these teachings come in. Like how do we do that? How do we try to live you know, according to God’s commands, etc, etc, with all these things, some of them you know, we’ve been taught properly, some of them have been butchered. A lot of them will never know. You know, we’re just we’re just trying to do our best. And it comes to whatever brings forth the fruit of the Spirit love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. If it produces those fruits, then you are in essence on God’s wavelength, right? That’s how you know you can bear anything, you know, you can judge anything by the fruit that it produces. You know, it kinda reminds me the story of Jesus and the fig tree. We did a TED talk video about that, but you kind of can start to look at this as a perspective of like, well, maybe john the baptist was so in tap to God to the source of creation, that he literally was on the same wavelength and was indistinguishable. And because they were in the same wavelength, they became in essence the same person which is what unification of spirit is. We’re all trying to get back to is to be to come back to Christ, we were all breathed the breath of life and became in essence at peace of God, right? He put a piece of himself in us, and even more. So when you start talking about the Holy Spirit, you start talking about Jesus coming into, you know, the proverbial Jesus coming into your heart, the spirit fills you. We have the breath of life, all of these different little key steps one of each part of the Trinity, right. And we are trying to make our way back to the Father to our Creator to become part of him. And so before Jesus died before that was you know, and ability before the forgiveness and Atonement of all covered everyone, then that’s kind of the same just with john the baptist. And Elijah in my mind is like they were in sync, they had the same mission,

Elaine Johnston 28:47
but I feel like to on a biological standard like that could be passed down throughout lineage. And what I mean by that, like going specifically with reincarnation, you know, there again, there’s so many lives bills and all different beliefs about all that. But one thing I could see is like the whole reincarnation of like you had, you know, great great grandmothers and grandfathers that never met, you know, their generational down grandchildren. But a lot of times, you know, kids are born or you know, children have the same personalities that their, you know, older generations in their family have you know, a lot of people are like, you know, I A lot of people have talked about how they lost you know, their grandfather, their grandmother and then they have grandkids and then they physically see their grandmother or grandfather within their kids not on a weird like, Oh, you know, level but like the spirit that they encompass their joy or not joy. Just the spirit the energy that they have within them. It’s it’s the personality characteristics and the different personality traits of like, You remind me of my grandmother, you remind me of my great grandmother or the history that I know of our family lineage like you and body, you know your ancestors.

Cody Johnston 30:04
And that kind of plays into the whole idea of either generational curses, or on the opposite hand passing down of a mantle, right, which are both very spiritual, very Christian, right, Christian terms, but that’s a legitimate thing. Is it the whole person being reborn? Not necessarily, but if ultimately we are all a piece of God, we’re all going to come back to be unified with him, so it doesn’t really matter. The cool factor of that is there is such thing as mantels, there is such thing as generational curses and those are energies passed on to someone else. You know, whenever you walk into a room with a negative energy, you know, you can feel it. When you walk in the room. You know, those people that walk in the room and they’re their energy, they’re literally their magnetic draw. You can feel that presence when you walk into a room and it’s just, it’s addictive.

Elaine Johnston 30:49
There’s also something to be said about children just having this innate awareness of the world around them. Sure, not fully understanding, but awareness. Now I feel like Kids and animals too, but like kids specifically are able to sense things that we aren’t able to sense as adults and adolescents and growing up and everything. And I feel like a lot of times children feel a connection to their ancestors or feel a connection to their grandmother that they never met before. Or they’ll see pictures, they’ll be like, Oh, that’s so and so when their parent or whoever in the family had never told that kid about like they feel that can that spiritual connection to somebody in their family or even friends that you know, family friends that they were involved with, or whatever the family was close to and stuff but like children had this innate awareness of like, Oh, that’s so and so or I feel close to so and so. Or, you know, like those Was it the two senate six scary stories that like children, things that children have said they’re scary, but like, you know, a lot of children feel that they have their great grandparents with them, you know, protecting them, you know, in their bedroom at night. Stuff like that. And so, you know, I feel like children are more aware of this spiritual realm and the energy around them, they may not fully understand or capable of explaining into words, but I feel like they’re able to kind of tap into that better than we are.

Cody Johnston 32:18
Yeah, for sure. So everyone with all of that being said, you know, this is obviously something sewn into creation on some form. And there’s a lot of different verb you know, different verbiage you can use on it. And there’s a lot of different ways you could take it, but it all kind of means the same thing. So I’m interested to hear from you guys, what are what are your thoughts on God as energy and what does that mean to you, you can hit us up, drop us an email male at the reckless pursuit.com We would love to hear from you. And of course, you can go down to the show notes below and join up in our group nomads, we would love to have you. Also if you have not done so, so far, please go and leave an honest review and drop a rating in wherever you listen to This podcast. It helps people passing by know a little more about the show from someone else’s perspective and that is vital. And last but not least, if you got something from this episode or any of our previous episodes and know someone who you think would benefit,

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please share it on with a friend.

Cody Johnston 33:16
Word of mouth is the best way to keep the conversation going. And as always be brave, be bold and be reckless.

Unknown Speaker 33:23
We’ll talk soon

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