116 – Joy In Unseen Places

Joy is based on perspective. The Joy of the Lord can be found even in the midst of change.

COVID shut down one of our business’. We could choose to see the loss, the scarcity, or the uncertainty, or we can focus on finding the beauty in a new flow. This isn’t to say we need to abandon our thoughts and turn a blind eye to reality, rather that we can choose to see the good and use it to grow. 

This week we are talking about what is bringing us joy and how we are experiencing God in a new way even after we had to pivot due to these current circumstances. God is in every moment, it’s (not so) simply our job to see it.

This week we talk about:

  • Finding joy in uncertainty
  • Pivoting like a pro
  • Money vs Time
  • Seeing God outside of our previous methods
  • Focusing in on each moment
  • Discovering new avenues for joy

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