Nomad 2020: Not every Christian Who Wanders is Lost

NOMAD 2020 is an oasis in this desert of faith. Have a seat. Rest your soul. Restore yourself for the journey ahead.

Are You A Spiritual NOMAD?

You’ve wandered through the dry desert searching for a place to stop and rest. Supplies are low and fatigue is setting in. Just then, you begin to make out a shape in the distant wilderness. Slowly the shape of a large tent begins to fill the night sky. “Is it a mirage?” you ask yourself. As you draw closer you hear the sounds of laughing, the clanking of silverware, and you can smell the sweet aroma of fresh pastries. 

You approach the edge of the camp, just beyond the view to scope out the scene before you. “Who are these people that call the desert their home?”, “Should I go up and see what is going on?”, “Would I be welcomed or would I once again be shunned?” – So many questions dance before your mind. Just as you begin to turn away, you hear a voice call out from the tent: “Hey, you should come in and join us! We have a spot at the table just for you!”.

Not Every Christian Who Wanders is Lost

We are all NOMADs in our own way. We invite you to come and have a seat at the table to rest and replenish your spirit for the journey ahead.

If you feel alone, rejected, and abandoned, you are not alone. If your spiritual journey has led to this wilderness of doubt, you are not alone.

Whether you’re trudging through Deconstruction, struggling with a wavering Faith, or have found Peace through your spiritual journey, this is for you.

Join us at NOMAD 2020 (June 5th-7th) as we dive into this spiritual journey together.

Even in the desert, there is community.

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