118 – Taking Time for Your Spirit

Busyness isn’t an excuse for neglecting your spirit. 

We have not been the best at self-care, tbh. We have been so busy planning for NOMAD 2020, Elaine’s writing, Cody’s music challenge, and our business stuff has left us tired and a bit overwhelmed. Being in a creative season means dumping your heart out on the floor and praying that others appreciate your hard work.

But all with all the romanticism aside, we realize we have to take more time to honor our temples as we move forward in this season. So let this episode be an open letter between you and us: Let’s make sure to honor the God in ourselves, even when it feels like we are way too busy to even stop. It isn’t just healthy, it’s a necessity.

Join us this week as we discuss Taking Time for Your Spirit.

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The Prodigal Daughter

If you are a woman looking to find your God-given purpose and let it loose, Elaine has a podcast for you. visit The Prodigal Daughter

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