119 – Takeaways from NOMAD 2020 (During NOMAD 2020)

Coming at you live from NOMAD 2020

NOMAD 2020 just ended but the conversations are just beginning! This is a quick little episode we recorded right before the last Round Table Discussion from NOMAD 2020, our online virtual summit that us and a handful of friends put on. 

This week we discuss a few key takeaways and favorite moments from NOMAD 2020. If you attended, what were some of your favorite moments? Let us know in NOMADS, A safe community for Christians to ask unsafe questions. The link to join is directly below!

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The Prodigal Daughter

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NOMADS is a safe community to ask unsafe questions about faith, life, and religion. We all desire community. We all want to feel welcomed despite our doubts. In NOMADS all of your questions and doubts are welcome. We want to join you in your spiritual travels because after all, God is found in our journey, not in our destination. Click the photo below and ask to be a part!

We want to invite you to join in on the conversation! nomads - a safe community for christians to ask unsafe questions presented by the reckless pursuit Click above and request to join! Hey there, reckless listener!


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