121 – Seeing the Christ in All of Us

When we choose to turn a blind eye to the Christ in others, we neglect the Christ in ourselves.

When crap hits the fan everyone in the room ends up covered in feces. (How’s that for an opening sentence!) There’s no escape from a big stink. The more drama, hatred, and division we toss-up, the more junk that just ends up raining right back down on us. 

This week, we are talking about seeing Christ in others and that in doing so, we honor the Christ in us. We discuss how there are no bad people, only levels of brokenness. When we realize this truth we can take the first steps away from assuming people’s desires and the next steps toward understanding our fellow Christ-filled humanity’s hearts.

This week we talked about:

  • Love vs Hate vs Apathy
  • Seeing Christ in others
  • Apathy and complacency towards other’s pain
  • the good samaritan
  • The impact of indifference
  • Giving place for people’s hurts
  • There are no bad people

Watch Levi the Poet’s video we mentioned: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=270755697536303

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30 Thoughts Till Dawn

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