122 – How To Deal With Bible Bullies

Bible Bullies: People who belittle someone else’s understandings of God to elevate one’s own ego.

If you spend any time talking about anything bible related, sooner or later you are going to encounter a Bible Bully. These are the people that always demand scripture just to demean it once shared and tell you that you’re “using it out of context”. Then they turn around and throw scripture right back at you. They often claim they want to understand your perspective but the truth is they only want to understand enough to belittle you and secure their false sense of self-righteous superiority. 

Bible Bullies are often headstrong and so caught up in their idolized version of God that they cannot even see the true Christ in others. But these people are not bad people, they are just trying to protect their fragile world from collapsing. I mean, how many of us that began questioning our faith were ounce those people? 

This week, we are talking about how to address, engage with, and love Bible Bullies. We look at how Jesus handled very similar situations and how we can apply His actions to our lives. Spoiler alert: It starts with the understanding that we are each on our own individual, spiritual journey.

This week we talked about:

  • How to respond to Bible bullies 
  • How Jesus handled spiritual persecution
  • Sin Mindset
  • What it means to turn the other cheek
  • The reason people bully in the name of Christ
  • How to love those who persecute you
  • Sin nature vs being a sinner
  • Respecting each spiritual journey

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