How to Find Yourself on Your Spiritual Journey

We get a lot of questions on how to find yourself on your spiritual journey. May this writing guide you to self-discovery and inner-healing.

It often feels lonely trudging through the trenches of faith when your path is full of Deconstruction. When your worldview (or spiritual view) of who God is demolished, the questions seems to pour in.
When all what you once thought was right seems so wrong, the silence seems deafening.

It’s easy to feel isolated and lonely when you learn to sit with, walkthrough, and be present with our hurt and pain. Questioning faith and dealing with our disbelief isn’t easy and can feel so draining. When walking through Deconstruction, many people are met with losing themselves in the process. Not do they feel out of touch with God, they feel out of touch with themselves as well.

But what if there was a different narrative you could believe in?
What if losing yourself meant that you actually found yourself?

When something turns up missing, that means it’s lost and misplaced. But what if you aren’t missing? What if being found simply meant you were truly discovering ourselves for the first time?

In order to come to this realization, though, you must first recognize this truth:

You’re not lost. You’re not misplaced.

You are exactly where you need to be, right now, in this very moment.

Once you believe this truth, the journey seems a lot less about finding the missing pieces but more about finding the pieces that were hidden in plain sight. The gift of discovery is something that you hadn’t yet been introduced to. Things can’t be missing if they were never truly found in the first place.

How can you lose yourself if you never really knew yourself?
How can you lose God if you never really knew God?

Your spiritual journey isn’t about finding missing elements. It’s about finding life and joy and healing and hope and restoration. Those things have never been missing from your life. Those things have only been waiting for you to unlock them for the first time.

When we find who we truly are in self-discovery, we find that inner-healing. Being able to sit with, walkthrough, and be present with our hurt and pain gives us room to find that healing.

Sitting with our hurt and pain helps us acknowledge its existence. Walking through our hurt and pain awakens us to healing and restoration. Being present with our hurt and pain gives us the power to create a new narrative over our lives.

And when we allow ourselves the freedom to truly discover ourselves, we truly discover God in the process.

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