123 – Healed to Not Deal

It’s much easier to claim we are healed from our past wounds than it is to actually deal with them. We have to face our Spiritual Trauma.

So you have some church hurt or spiritual abuse? How are you going to recover? Do you tear everything you thought you knew to the ground? That’s acceptable. Are you going to try and spend some time patching up the rotten theology and beliefs? That’s a beautiful way to start. Just, please, don’t ignore the problem and keep on going with complete disregard to your spiritual health. We have to face our spiritual trauma!

You wouldn’t drive a car with a flat tire because it will in turn destroy the rim, axle, and transmission. So why then would you claim all is well spiritually and jump to the next church pew, outreach, or mission opportunity knowing good and well that you are spiritually broke down? 

This week, we are talking about faking it till you make it, or rather, how we as Christians are never taught how to spiritually save and invest in our wellbeing: Especially when it comes to “servanthood”. Sometimes you have to stop and just be. Life and faith are not about constantly “doing”.

This week we talked about:

  • The big thing churches don’t teach you
  • Recharging spiritual batteries
  • It’s okay to not always “do”
  • The “baby Christian” analogy
  • Not rushing to the next thing
  • Taking time to build a spiritual structure worth residing in
  • Learning how to save and invest spiritually

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