Living free from unspoken expectations (With Kurtis Vanderpool)

How can we truly live free from the unspoken expectations held against us by others and ourselves?

Many times Christians hold themselves and have others hold a certain level of expectations that are simply not healthy. From relationships and community to our own desires, how do we quench those unspoken expectations? 

This week, we are talking with Kurtis Vanderpool: Author, Public Speaker, and Life Coach. We hear Kurtis’ deconstruction journey and why he and many others continue down such a seemingly uncertain road despite the seeming uncertainty. Kurtis talks of what it means to live free of unspoken expectations and how the love of Christ draws an authentic community to us when we need it most.

This week we talk about:

  • Pursuing Christ beyond the walls of the church
  • Relationships with past church members ofter deconstruction
  • Why one would leave the comfort of religion to chase Christ into the unknown
  • Allowing God to guide true community
  • Standing alongside others when they need support
  • “Living Free”

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Kurtis Vanderpool

Kurtis Vanderpool

Life Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker
Many of us are born with incredible gifts just boiling up within us. The problem is, our churches and religious organizations don’t always value those gifts. That’s where I come in. Hi, I’m Kurtis and I help spiritual misfits like myself become powerful leaders in their own unique and life-giving way. Through regular content on my blog and podcast, as well as products, and one-on-one coaching, we are committed to raising up leaders that will guide God’s people through great times of change and uncertainty, leaders just like you.Visit Kurtis’ Website:


Giving Up Sunday:  Why 37 million American Christians still love Jesus but want nothing to do with the church and how churches must change to survive. –

•   Ask yourself, “What do I truly want? 

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