137 – The Fear of the Unknown (And how it stifles our faith)

Christians tend to fear what they don’t understand and fear robs us of our authority in Christ.

It’s OCTOBER! If you have been listening to our podcast for any time at, you know what this means… A month of diving into the spookiest and craziest parts of Christianity! This week we are talking about the fear of the unknown and how fear can stifle our faith. 

Humans fear what we do not know. We’ve kind of done this since we have existed. I mean, all it takes is a sneaky snake and a little whisper that there is some knowledge hidden out of site and we demand to know what it is. After all, knowledge is power, right? And while this phrase can often be seen as humanity’s downfall, there is some truth to it. 

Tis isn’t a gnostic gospel message but rather a call to try and understand before we react, sympathize before we rebuke, and shine the light on the shadows instead of making up tales of how they creep. So let’s start off this halloween season on a serious note, but don’t worry, the spooky stuff is just around the corner. Don’t believe me? Here’s a schedule for the next 2 episodes:

Oct 19: Jesus is my favorite necromancer

Oct 26: Ezekiel, John, and other Biblical astrology practitioners

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Spirituality Untamed

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30 Thoughts Till Dawn

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