138 – Jesus Is My Favorite “Necromancer”

What does the Bible say about necromancy? What makes using “witchcraft” and performing a “Miracle” so different? 

Talking with ghosts, predicting the future, and raising folks from the dead; these are just a few things that the Bible strictly forbids…. Except when it doesn’t? From praying to saints and asking forgiveness for those passed to summoning those who have long departed or just bringing them back altogether, the Bible is full of events that seem to mimic the very things it forbids. But what is the difference? What makes a prophet different than a divinator? What separates necromancy from resurrection? How does one man making a rod turn into a snake not make him a sorcerer when all the others that did the same were?

This week, we are talking about all things magic and what separates it from God. We discuss how all the power of God placed in creation can be harnessed in many different ways but “spoiler alert”, it all comes down to one’s intent.

God is our filter. Many of the things that are miracles can also be malicious if we have selfish ambition. Now, we are not encouraging you to go grab an ouija board, okay? Performing supernatural works is not a test of faith, but even more a test of intent. So before you light your torches and sharpen your pitchforks, we invite you to take a dive into this little journey through the magic of the Bible and learn a bit more about the divine “magic” all around us

Next Episode: Oct 26: Ezekiel, John, and other Biblical astrology practitioners

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