God Doesn’t Hate You, So Stop Hating Yourself

God doesn’t hate you despite your changing beliefs, self-doubt, or lack of Faith. So stop hating yourself and belittling your worth.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the false notion that God hates us. I’m not sure where this idea came from but it couldn’t be much further from the truth. We are all so incredibly loved and cherished by Abba. How could we ever think otherwise?

Newsflash: We’re not dirty rags. We’re not dirty sinners. And we’re not hated for our changing beliefs, self-doubt, or lack of Faith.

God understands that life can be quite challenging. We may not always have all (or any) of the answers or always do and say the right things. Sure, we might make mistakes. We are human-freaking-beings. Life happens and we’re all just simply trying our best with our circumstances.

Despite all the questions I may have, there is one thing I know for certain.

God’s Love, Mercy, and Grace are sufficient enough to carry us through even the hardest challenges. Maybe you’ve blown it in our relationships. Maybe you’ve self-sabotaged yourself. But that doesn’t mean God could love you any less. You have full permission to show up as your true and whole self.

God doesn’t hate you, so stop hating yourself.

Stop hating yourself when you have changing beliefs.
Stop hating yourself when you struggle with self-doubt.
And for God’s sake, stop hating yourself for your lack of Faith.

God doesn’t hate you when you fully embrace Him/Her.
And God certainly does not hate you when you reject Him/Her.

There will be days where you feel as though you have your Faith perfectly fit together. You sing songs of praise and feel confident in your beliefs. But there will also be days where you feel as though you’ve rejected God all together. You feel angry, sad, and confused for your current circumstances. You may even curse God a time or two for things that you can’t change.

But God can take your questions. God can take your self-doubt and lack of Faith and still fully embrace and love you as His/Her own.

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