139 – Christians, Astrology Is A Sin! (except when it isn’t?)

Astrology is sinful! Except, where does it say that in the Bible? As a Christian, do we even realize what astrology is?

People love the stars. We’ve looked to them for inspiration. We use them to tell time and direction. We even depend on them for our entire existence. Without stars, the night sky would look a lot less spectacular, and well, day wouldn’t exist at all! 

There are so many parallels between Christ and the sun, angels and stars, and God with the heavens. Yet in spite of this, The stars have gotten a bad rap. In many circles, understanding the heavens has become less about seeing the image of Christ they contain and more about the fear of our assimilations. 

This week, we are wrapping up our October Halloween series talking about Biblical Astrology. We discuss why astrology has received such a bad reputation, how followers of God throughout history have actually used the stars as a predictor of things to come (wise men or revelation ring a bell?) and how reading the stars is not a sin, at least not in and of itself. Rather, it’s not what we do but how we use it and to whom we try and see 

So, let’s sit back and have a gaze at such a misunderstood topic this hallow-week. That is if the stars allow it.

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Spirituality Untamed

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30 Thoughts Till Dawn

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