069 – Trauma, Change, and Recovery (With Tracy Winchell)

At some point in life we will all face having to navigate change. The true test is not the change itself but rather how we will respond to it. This week, we are talking with tracy winchell, host of the Reboots Podcast. Tracy is a radio broadcast vetran and has a passion to help people power through change. Tracy is an expert in journaling practices and shares a few basic questions we can ask ourselves to run a ‘heart check’ to help us evaluate our current mental health. She also shares her story of resentment towards God and having to overcome her misplaced blame. There is so much shared in this episode and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

trau·ma: /ˈtroumə/ – a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

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Tracy Winchell

Tracy Winchell

Host of the Reboots Podcast
“I suspect I was born a storyteller. You’d agree if you’d heard my Daddy and his family spin yarns about growing up in Yell County, Arkansas. Today I deal in the sharing of Reboots stories that brings redemption from suffering and hope to those in the throes of their own personal or professional crisis.” Listen to the Reboots Podcast:

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•   How do you navigate change? Either by the choices that we’re making for ourselves or that moment a negative thing happens to us. Is our reaction healthy or is it not?

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The things that we need to do to implement change in our lives often begins with our environment. - Tracy Click To Tweet 


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