Why Jesus Loves Movies (And Anything Else People Love)

Did you know that not only does Jesus loves movies but He actually loves anything we are passionate about too?

Think about it.

Our very creator, the creator of the Heavens and Earth, the person who so intricately formed us in the womb, the One who designed nature and science and breathes life into nature actually loves what we’re passionate about!!

This week, Cody and I are chatting with Phil Strangolagalli, author of Jesus Loves Movies to talk about how God can speak to us through our favorite films. (And yes, even the horror films!)

Jesus loves movies of course, but did you know Jesus also loves our other passions as well?

Do you enjoy painting? Do you find release or almost meditatively get lost in the oils and the way the paintbrush kisses the canvas? Yeah, Jesus loves your paintings. Why? Because Jesus literally birthed that passion in you before you were ever born.

Do you enjoy playing board games with your friends on the weekends? Do you love the strategy and complexity of each new game you play? Yeah, Jesus loves your board games too. Why? Because Jesus loves when we you are happy and enjoys when you feel close to our passions.

Jesus loves watching our passions flourish because we are able to find joy in His creation. God created this entire world around us and if we find something that pleases us, we become closer to Him.

God can speak to us through competitive sports or our favorite music artists. Like our conversation this week, Phil reminds us to not put God in a box. Jesus speaks to Phil through many different genres of movies just like Jesus can speak to you through many different genres of music.

When we find joy in our passions, we ultimately become closer to God. If God creates us with the intention of loving Him and pursuing our passions, then I think God can speak to us through anything. Whether its our favorite hiking trail or simply hanging out with our friends, God delights in us.

In what ways is God speaking to you through your favorite passions?

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