068 – Jesus Loves Movies (With Phil Strangolagalli)

Church and media, two groups of people that don’t always see eye to eye. Yet despite the fact that we don’t always discuss our watching habits while sitting in the pews, we all enjoy (or should enjoy) a good movie. But what if Jesus was less concerned about a movies rating and more concerned about the lessons movies can teach us? This week, we are talking with Phil Strangolagalli, author of “Jesus Loves Movies”. We talk about what lead Phil to realizing God can use media to speak to us, some of his favorite movies and their messages, and even a bit about how Jesus isn’t as uptight as we make him out to be. If you have ever found yourself receiving profound, life changing inspiration from a movie; so much so that it just had to be from God than Phil is your guy. Heck, he wrote the book on it!

mov·ie: /ˈmo͞ovēt/ – a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture.

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Phil Strangolagalli

Phil Strangolagalli

Author of “Jesus Loves Movies”
Phil is recently married to his beautiful wife, Kathryn (the real Wonder Woman) and they don’t live far from the Daily Bugle. In Phil’s spare time you can find him taking long walks in the movie theater, teaching his wife about the complexity of film, and talking to strangers. Phil is excited for how this book will reveal to you a side of Jesus that he believes people must know—an intimate, fun, actually very real God.Visit Phil’s Website!

Jesus Loves Movies:


•   In what ways are you putting God in a box? In what ways are you sacrificing yourself and not being true to the desires God has put in your heart?

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God is very personal and He cares about what we care about. - Phil Share on X 


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