Starbucks Doesn’t Have a Jesus Coffee Cup

Ahh, the beloved Starbucks. Just as the pumpkin spice frenzy starts to fade out, Starbucks rolls out their Holiday menu. But their coffee menu isn’t the only thing that changes. Year after year, Starbucks continues to launch their new Holiday designs. However, the highly anticipated Holiday cups seem to stir up a lot of controversies. Starbucks (still) doesn’t have a Jesus coffee cup.

Yes, a disposable coffee cup continues to offend far too many people. I mean, it’s just a cup. I remember the huge backlash a few years ago when Starbucks launched their basic red cup. In hopes of honoring everyone throughout the holidays, the coffee company was instead met with a huge offense. You know who complained the most? The Christian community. Who knew trying to appeal to everyone would be so dang offensive? Apparently, a company simply cannot be inclusive to all without simultaneously being labeled as “anti-Christmas”.

But, holiday cups aren’t the only thing to be offended by during the holidays.

Offensive Christmas Traditions

Cody and I were watching a Christmas commercial on Facebook the other day. Basically, the commercial consists of Santa always having cookies and milk at every stop but never finding any food left out for his reindeer. Santa has the idea to visit McDonald’s and ask for all of the carrots they had. At the end of the commercial, you hear Santa saying, “Happy Christmas” in a British accent.

And boy is the comment section riddled with complaints and offense.

Apparently, this is a really big deal for some people. People are saying that this commercial has taken away the spirit of Christmas. We boycott Starbucks for not saying “Merry Christmas” on a cup. Yet, we also boycott McDonald’s for saying “Happy Christmas”. I mean, at least they even said Christmas at all! What more do people want?

What a lot of these people don’t understand is that it is completely normal for people in the U.K. to wish someone a Happy Christmas. Honestly, though, what makes this phrase so appalling anyway? We wish people a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy New Year, and even Happy birthday. Why should Happy Christmas be any different? Y’all. If there is one thing I have learned, do not read the comment section under any video on Facebook, whatsoever. It only makes ya mad.

This also applies to Happy Holidays. I mean, if we wish everyone a happy whatever-holiday, why can’t we bundle it up and wish that everyone has a happy holiday, every holiday? Something that we have got to understand is just because we wish people “Happy Holidays” does not mean that we’re taking Christmas out of the picture. Honestly, I think it is very inclusive of Christmas, as well as a new year and any extra festivity you celebrate along the way.

Besides Starbucks holiday drinks and variant ways to wish someone a happy holiday, people are easily able to offend if you mention “Merry Xmas”. For some reason, we seem to think this is a jab at Christianity. But it’s not. Did you know that X is actually the Greek symbol for Christ? Even if someone didn’t believe in Christ, they couldn’t take it out of the word Christmas anyway.

Starbucks doesn’t have a Jesus coffee cup but I think Christ is a lot greater than any petty offense we have.

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